Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Most Expert Advice and Tips For Beginners in Tank Trouble

  OHHH!! HAHAHA!!! Get rekt by the BOSS boy!! Go die in a hole you loser!!

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  As you can see, Laika who is the dog in Tank Trouble (the game is at the bottom of the page) is your enemy for the single player option. She is an automated/AI, Russian space dog, so, she has been trained to a high level in the fine art of demolition by the scientists who created her.

  Tank Trouble is a game designed by danish Mads Purup. It's a maze game with 1-3 players on a single device. The goal of the game is to kill/destroy the enemy tanks to get a point. The tank(s) shoot(s) bullets that bounce off the walls. There are 6 additional weapons, each with their own special powers.
  If you are a beginner, Laika would be REALLY annoying to you and the game would be frustrating and discouraging. But, once you start gaining more experience and skill, you will find defeating Laika much easier and feel achieved when you do so. In this game, you can choose which power-ups that you want to spawn, which are:

  1. Laser- Show where your "bullet" goes for a medium length before shooting. Even though the graphic of the laser is one solid line, it acts like a tiny, super-fast bullet. Only the end of the laser is deadly.

  1. Frag Bomb- You can control when it explodes by pressing your shooting key again or let it hit the enemy eventually. As it explodes many small spikes spray from it, so stay away from the "death zone". If you have fired a frag bomb, you will not have to wait for it to explode. You can make it explode earlier by left-clicking, pressing M or Q (depending on your controls).

  1. Death Ray- If your opponent has equipped the death ray, try to get as near them as possible, because if you get close enough, then in the time they are charging the weapon, you will be able to get out of their line of fire. The Death Ray can penetrate the walls of the maze, with a slight curve.

  1. RC Missile- The remote control missile is a missile controlled by you. Instead of moving your tank (which gets "grounded") your controls will guide the missile. Keep in mind that these missiles are slower when turning, so try to run around a small wall, or if in a big area, let the missile come close to you, and go round in circles.

  1. Gatling Gun- The Gatling Gun is basically a machine gun that shoots many small bullets. But instead on shooting one bullet at a time, hold your shooting control until the ammo runs out.

  1. Homing Missile- Similar to the RC Missile, this power-up is solely attracted to tanks. Use this wisely and carefully, because if you aim it towards anywhere closer to you and not another tank, it will come after you. If your opponent fires a homing missile at you, try to chase after them until you can get their own missile to lock onto them. The missile trails a line of smoke, and the color the smoke is will be the color the tank it's after.

  1. Booby Traps- The Booby Trap allows you to drop triangular shaped "mines" onto the field. If used strategically and correctly them you could trap an enemy tank. These mines only go off when a tank moves over it or touches it. Once contact is made, the mines release spikes similar to those of the Frag Bomb. Booby traps have a very short delay before going off even if you choose to step off of it immediately. If you can turn around a corner and get safely behind a wall in less than half a second, do it. If not, you still have the option of attempting to dodge bullets.

Here is the settings box from Tank Trouble:

  Here is proof that I have had experience and that you can count on my advice... I BEAT LAIKA TWENTY-FOUR TO ZERO!!! 24-0!!!! The reason I stopped there was because I didn't want to ruin my winning streak. Here is the screenshot after it has been cropped.

  If you still don't believe me here is the screenshot uncropped, unfortunately, I had to cut out the ads on the side and the top and the third tab which had personal information (e-mail), so here it is:

Click on it to see it better in full screen. I hope that these few tips and advice will help you out in your Tank Trouble gameplay! Visit WEAPON TIPS for more Tank Trouble info. Remember to come back for more posts on this great game!!! Until next time on Oh Ya Fun Station!! Stick around!!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Wish List

  Alright!! Once this torturing week of work is over, the holidays will be mine! I've waited a long time for this time of the year. After seeing friends, family These are a few things that I hope to get:
  1. A new phone (hopefully an iPhone 7)
  2. An Apple Watch
  3. The Canon EOS Rebel T5 18 MP Digital SLR Camera
  4. A GoPro Action Camera
  5. Some Pokémon cards
  6. A Nintendo DS/3DS
  7. A Kendama
  8. A double monitor PC 
  9. A Qixels set
  10. Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
  11. A Beats Solo HD Wired On-Ear Headphone
  12. PlayStation 4
  13. A Steadicam
  14. Hot Glue Gun
  15. A Pair of Glasses With Camera
             Number 9                                               Number 15                       

  I really do hope that I receive one of these gifts from, family, friends or other people we celebrate the holidays with. I don't want to sound greedy or selfish, cause, after all, it's the season of giving!! 

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas/Holidays (6 Days)

  So, Christmas and the AMAZING holidays are coming right up!! I can't wait for school to be out and have the fun that I am supposed to in the winter season. Snow is a pretty big deal for me, cause up here in Canada, this happens:


  *Pfft* Yeah right, like that would ever happen, the snow isn't that bad up here. Anyways, there are only six days left to the holidays!!!

  The next countdown post will be tomorrow!!! Obviously... well stick around!!

Saturday, 17 December 2016


  I am once again very, very, very sorry for not posting in, let me see... WHAT THE HECK!!! TEN DAYS!!! I HAVEN'T POSTED IN THIRTEEN EFFING DAYS!!! Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!!!

  I'm sorry, I had to get it out, it's because I have had plenty of ideas and events that I have wanted to post about, but sadly (here I go again) I have not had time. Also, I've been really pissed about the stupid images in my last post, as you can see here:

  Everything about it just gets me cheesed up!! The stupid flashing red triangle is just... why... why the hell do they need to put that there??!! Now let me explain why that thing is there. So, I made the Picture of the Day picture with the website Lunapic (there I gave credit to it), and I copied my finished product onto Oh Ya Fun Station. After a few minutes, this thing comes up, like holy crap!! Chill with the hostility! So I have been thinking, since I don't have a lot of time (as I always say), I think I should change up "The Picture of the Day". It will become more of a "Picture of the Week", and the post will be made on the weekend, sound good?? Also, unfortunately we are unable to give the "gift" or "reward". So it will be comprimised to only a shout out, which is also good, right?! 

  Turns out ths post is getting way toooooooo loooooong, soooooooo I'lllllllll cuuuuuuut itttttttttt hereeeeeeeee. I "couldn't" resist.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

The Picture(s) of the Day(s)

  So you should know how this works, if not well.. I... will... ummm... tell you now... I guess... So basically, there is a picture below that is hard to see, blurred or zoomed in, so you will have to guess what the image is. If you get your answer correct, then in the next post you will receive a shout out for participating and winning. If you get announced as winner three days/posts (depends) in a row, then you will receive a small gift. Keep reading to know your prize.

  The correct answer for the last Picture of the Day is... an elephant!! The winner is once again Hadi Moradzadeh!! Great job and congrats, for winning twice in a row!! If you win the next Picture of the Day, you will receive a large Coffee Crisp bar (yay). Now you might think this is lame, but I will make an alternating list for prizes.

  The past 8 days, I have not been able to make the Picture of the Day post so here they all are:

1. 11/24/2016

  2.   11/25/2016

3.   11/26/2016

  4.   11/27/2016

5.   11/28/2016

6.   11/29/2016

7.   11/30/2016

8.   12/01/2016

  And finally today's picture:


  Feel free to make your guess in the comments below for each picture, as long as you put the number for the picture you are guessing. Good luck!!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Best Advice and Tips For Beginners in Clash Royale

If you haven't read my past posts on Clash Royale then here they are:

Please check them out to have some background knowledge in you are new to Clash Royale, but if not.. the read on!!


After playing Clash Royale for a long period of time, I have collected some great advice and gained some experience from the game. I hope you try them out and become better than you are now. Here are 10 basic Clash Royale strategies, tips and advice:
  1. Always spend your gold and gems wisely. Gems are hard to attain, meanwhile gold can be commonly used, but save it to upgrade only the cards that you will use. From my experience, I used to upgrade anything that I could, in the end a lot of it was useless and a waste of gold.
  1. Open the most time consuming chest first before you go to sleep, or leave the game for a long period of time. This way when you return to the game, you will have no time wasted in opening chests.
  2. Keep your deck balanced and have a variety of troops. Always have a well balanced and thought out deck, an equal amount of heavy, ranged, single target and splash damage troops. It wouldn't make sense to have a deck full of slow, but damage soaking heavy troops, because the opponent could destroy you by swarming.

  1. A little goes a long way. The best legendary or epic card may not be the best card in your deck. If you think that using all the best cards will make you do well, than think again. Simple, common and cheap cards can be very useful such as the Goblin Barrel.
  2. Use skeletons strategically. Skeletons are weak and easy to destroy, but when used with the right troops, it can cause a devastating blow. Skeleton armies are great when used with"tank" troops. A great combination is the skeleton army surrounding and protecting the hog rider.

  1. Wait for the opponent to attack first. Don't attack before your opponent even if your elixir is full, this way, too will be able to see what the enemy deploys and counter it accordingly. You will most likely wipe out the enemy's push (if countered properly) and attack with a push of your own. This leads to the next piece of advice.
  2. Never rush your attacks or spam cheap troops. Even the smallest troops should be placed with strategy. If your opponent does not respond to your attack, they are most likely waiting for elixir. Once they gain enough elixir for a certain troop, they may be able to destroy all the troops with a powerful counterattack.
  3. Gain knowledge of your own through videos of gameplay. Sometimes you have to see others do it before you do. Watching experienced players will trying out new decks and strategies can help you.
  4. Test out decks in the training arena before you use them in battle. You never want to find the disadvantages of your deck in the middle of a battle. Practice using new decks to learn its perks and weaknesses.
  5. Brew your own combination of spells and troops. Sometimes a single spell could change the whole game into your favour. A great spell and troop combination is the freeze spell with the goblin barrel. Even using the arrows on a skeleton army or minion horde could save you from losing trophies.

I hope these tips, advice and strategies helped you out in your Clash Royale gameplay! Visit the Clash Royale Wiki for more CR. Come back next time for more posts on this great game!!! Until next time on Oh Ya Fun Station!!

Yes, I'm Canadian

  OH MY GOD!! It has been so crazy the past seven days!! I am very sorry for not posting in such a long time again, and I now I have been saying sorry every time I post after a long time. At least constantly saying sorry proves that I am Canadian… I don’t know why the hell I just wrote that.

Free stock photo of city, lights, night, skyline

  Well anyways, I have had many ideas and events that I wanted to write about that may interest you, but you probably get the point that I did not have enough time. I had quite a few test, projects and ALWAYS and monstrous amounts of homework. You get the point…

  I am (again) very sorry for not being able to post the Picture of the Day for such a long time. In my next post I will post all the pictures that have been late and announce the last posts winner. If you read the comments you would know that it is the same winner. From seeing that he/she (classified… not) was pretty eager to win the Picture of the Day(s), I thought that whoever wins three Pictures of the Days in a row will be given/shipped a small prize. I will mention this in further detail on the next post!!

  So don’t miss out on your opportunity to win a free _____… “hahaha, get rekt. You will never know what you will get, ha.”

Yellow Plush Duck Toy

  I love sarcasm...

Wussup fam, you down to chill homie, it'll be lit!!

  Suh, what's good fam, I'll respek you if you LB, FB and RT, cuz' this post is TD. As you can tell from the title, you are my homie and this post will be about the 2016 slang words. Y'all should already know these terms, am I right fam?

  Anyways, I just be chilling like no problem, then this low key idea came to me. I thought about it and said to ma' self, I'm down to make a lit post of the 2016 slang words and turn it high key. The feel of this idea just gives me some V great aesthetic. Well here it is just for you and I am hundo p that you will like it. And FR, don't be calling this trash. You'll be like "damn Gina" when you done. And you'll probably thinking I'm using these slang's like savage, but I won't get any stan.

Mouth open — Stock Vector #21476965

  Well enough slang, right fam, let's get this extra out of the way and start:

  1. Fam
  2. Chill
  3. Homie
  4. Lit
  5. Suh
  6. LB/FB
  7. TBH
  8. RT
  9. TD
  10. FR
  11. V
  12. Chill
  13. Low key
  14. High key
  15. Aesthetic
  16. Hundo p
  17. Trash
  18. Savage
  19. Hunty
  20. Damn Gina
  21. Bye Felicia
  22. Stan
  23. Extra
  24. Live
  25. Woke
  26. Cancel
  27. Sus
  28. Ship
  29. Basic
  30. Obvi
  31. Dead
  32. Narrative
  33. Done
  34. Slay
  35. Curve
  36. Finesse
  37. Dad
  38. Mom
  39. Sis
  40. On fleek
  41. On point
  42. Squad
  43. Bae
  44. Dafuq
  45. Turnt
  I am too lazy (dosser) to write the definition of each word, so why don't you find out yourself?? Well, see you next post and stay chill.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


  I am once again in school and currently it is my break. But I have nothing to right about, so this is a random post. I will post the picture of the day at lunch...

White Dices on Checked Wood
  Stick around until the Picture of the Day!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"Lest We Forget"

I know that this post is really late, but I have really wanted to make it, so, anyway...

Remembrance day is a time where and when we observe the loses of our country's soldiers and heroes. It is a solemn and sorrow day. Wearing a poppy is part of the tradition in honoring our heroes. This is because the remembrance poppy was inspired by the World War I poem "In Flanders Fields". Its opening lines refer to the poppies that were the first flowers to grow in the churned-up earth of soldiers' graves in Flanders, a region of Europe that overlies a part of Belgium. Poppies were a common sight during the wars, especially on the Western Front. The flowers flourished in the soil churned up by the fighting and killing.

Remembrance Day was first observed in 1919 throughout the British Commonwealth. It was originally called “Armistice Day” to commemorate armistice agreement that ended the First World War on Monday, November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.—on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 

In Canada, the national ceremony is held at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. The Governor General of Canada presides over the ceremony. It is also attended by the Prime Minister, other government officials, representatives of Veterans’ organizations, diplomatic representatives, other dignitaries, Veterans as well as the general public. 

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